Hair Porosity

Do you know your hair porosity? If you don’t, go ahead and google it right quick. I’ll wait for you to COME BACK, or you can just continue to read. I’ll give you some details, okay? When I began my hair journey, I didn’t know anything about hair porosity. Matter of fact, I didn’t knowContinue reading “Hair Porosity”

5 Surprising Benefits of Using Shea Butter on Natural Hair

Welcome back, welcome back. Welcome backkkk! So, a few weeks ago I was on my Instagram story (@julietuncapped, shameless plug), and I asked my curlfriends have they ever used Shea Butter on their natural hair. Majority of everyone said NO! Hunny, I was so shocked, like sis, why not? For over a month, I haveContinue reading “5 Surprising Benefits of Using Shea Butter on Natural Hair”

3 Simple Steps Towards Healthier Natural Hair

First things first, I am not a professional. The tips I am leaving below are what helped me during my journey. Of course there are more, but we are only discussing THREE right now. Okay? Cool! 1. Cut/ trim your hair: I know you’re like “girl, bye. I’m not cutting my hair”. Well, let meContinue reading “3 Simple Steps Towards Healthier Natural Hair”