5 Surprising Benefits of Using Shea Butter on Natural Hair

Welcome back, welcome back. Welcome backkkk!


So, a few weeks ago I was on my Instagram story (@julietuncapped, shameless plug), and I asked my curlfriends have they ever used Shea Butter on their natural hair. Majority of everyone said NO!

Hunny, I was so shocked, like sis, why not?

For over a month, I have been using Shea butter as a leave in before I styled my hair. It has my hair feeling so soft. My styles seemed to last longer without feeling dry and brittle by day THREE!

Even when it’s time to re-twist or wash my hair, it’s not as dry as it normally is before I started using Shea Butter. So before you stop reading and say you’re not using it, give me a second to provide these good benefits!

I know the first question you have is does it grow my hair. YES, it does!

Left side: Shea Butter DIY Conditioner
Right side: no product

  1. Prevents hair loss and promotes growth—->Let me tell you how… Shea butter has great nutrients including fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K. These vitamins work together to reduce scalp irritation. Shea butter steps in to juice up those hair follicles, which creates a better environment to grow healthy hair.
  2. Remember on my last natural hair post we were talking about those raggedy split ends? Okay well, Shea butter helps with split ends! https://julietuncapped.com/2019/01/05/3-simple-steps-towards-healthier-natural-hair/
  3. Dandruff? Sis, take that melted Shea butter and massage it onto your scalp. Do this 2 or more times a week, and you’ll notice a difference when it comes to those flakes, girl.
  4. Omgosh, this benefit is my favorite. I use it in my deep conditioner because my hair is EXTREMELY dry! I have low porosity hair, and it seems like I need that added moisture. But, hair porosity, girl, that’s another post for another day! Let me just say this, shea butter made my hair so soft. My hair was popping! I mixed it with my favorite oils and regular conditioner. So BOMB!

If you don’t try any other step, pretty please try benefit number FOUR!
Last step, okay?

I haven’t tried this step, BUT I will when I straighten my hair.

5. Shea butter can be used as a heat protectant. *pause* I know, I know.. you’re like girl bye, we know you’re lying. But, I’m not!

Mix the melted butter with avocado oil or another moisturizing product, and you have a heat protectant. It helps protect the hair shaft from heat damage.

Whew, after al-lat, I hope I convinced you to start using Shea butter in your wash day regimen. I am seeing benefits, and I want all of us beauties to have luxurious hair!
Any who, I’ll catch you on my next post! We’ll chat soon!

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