3 Simple Steps Towards Healthier Natural Hair

First things first, I am not a professional. The tips I am leaving below are what helped me during my journey. Of course there are more, but we are only discussing THREE right now. Okay? Cool!

1. Cut/ trim your hair:

I know you’re like “girl, bye. I’m not cutting my hair”. Well, let me break it down to you. Split ends are real and cause real damage. They will have your hair feeling and looking lifeless. Your styles will not turn out the way you want them too. LET ME TELL YOU, you will have so many failed attempts at hairstyles.  Trust, I been there numerous of times. Plus, you’ll begin to wonder why moisture does not stay in your hair for long periods of time or even at all. I will advise you now, sis, deep conditioning over split ends is not curing them. You can’t cure split ends by deep conditioning every week. The hair shafts are not going to link back together again. The only way to fix the problem is to cut it. I tried this, and it did not work out.

Okay, so once you have cut off those raggedy ends, let’s get into a hair regimen.

2. Hair Regimen:  

For my pre-poo, I love hot oil treatments! Not just any ole’ hot oil treatment either. I let that bad boy stay in overnight. I wake up in the morning, and my hair is SUPER soft. (do not knock it, til you have tried it) The reason I do this step is because my scalp can become extremely flaky from weekly protective styles. The hot oil treatment protects my dry scalp. In addition, it brings life back into my dull hair, and have it POPPING again. After pre-poo, I follow up with my favorite sulfate free shampoo, and a conditioner with nice slip.

DO NOT SKIP THIS NEXT STEP, just like you wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth in the morning!

Deep conditioning weekly helped me a ton! It helps restore the moisture to your hair, and prevents those split ends we were discussing earlier. Girl, it also adds shine to your mane and have it looking luxurious.

With the oils from the hot oil treatment and weekly deep conditioning, these two steps combine will strengthen your hair, which will cause it to grow.

List of my favorite oils:

Olive Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Jojoba Oil

Sorry, coconut oil did not make the list.

Okay, we are almost finished.

Listen, as my mom would tell me as a child, KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR HEAD! With that being said, style your hair in a way that requires little to no maintenance.

3. Protective Styles:

Using a protective style prevents manipulation, such as too much combing, picking, tugging at your hair. With some protective styling, you’re protecting the ends of your hair causing less single strand knots, which I know we all hate. Protective styles will also help you avoid HEAT!


Here are a few ways I protective style my hair:

My fav, the infamous puff

Simple and Easy Updo

Two Strand Twist ( You can jazz it up with hair jewelry like I did.)

Slick Pony with added hair

There you have it, 3 simple steps towards healthier natural hair. Let me know how your journey is coming along in the comments. I love to chat!

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